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Tepperspectives articles are insightful pieces written by or about the subject matter experts at the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University.

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Tug of war, man and woman pulling rope in opposite direction for opposition, power and inequality in business. Competition and challenge with people hands in battle, struggle and fight for leadership


Breaking Gender Stereotypes in Professional Networks

Consider the unique challenges women face in high-status professional networks and the systemic changes needed for true equity.

A diverse group of individuals building a house of cards.


Inclusive Excellence in the Intelligent Future of Business

David Major explores how the Tepper School uses 'Inclusive Excellence' for innovative leadership in business education.

A diverse group of people standing around a table having a meeting and laughing.


The Difference Sponsorship Makes

Recognize that mentorship is important, but it takes sponsorship to help others rise to the top.