A woman in business attire walking through futuristic shapes. Illustration for Tepperspectives inaugural edition, exploring AI's intersection with business. Insightful analyses, expert opinions, and thought-provoking articles featured.

Edition 1

AI in The Intelligent Future

Explore the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI), business, and human ingenuity in this inaugural issue of Tepperspectives, the thought leadership site of the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University.

A professional woman pointing at a large office screen, engaged in a discussion or presentation.

How AI is Enhancing Human-Driven Decisions

Advances are sparking a revolution in innovation and supercharging humanity’s ability to solve problems once thought to be unsolvable.

Photo for 'AI's Disruptive Potential in Business' - Woman of color with iPad, interacting with 3D display. Highlights real-world AI engagement in business.

AI’s Disruptive Potential in Business

R. Ravi and Anita Williams Woolley consider the transformative impact of AI in their article, highlighting its role in seamlessly integrating digitization with strategic planning and driving innovative solutions across various sectors.

Man putting his hand on a robot's shoulder

Giving Robots Rights or Rites?

Exploring the ethics of human-robot interactions, Tae Wan Kim questions whether robots should have rights or be treated as objects, advocating for a Confucian perspective that emphasizes communal responsibilities and rituals in collaborations.